When we first came to Alaçatı , we knew that we won’t be apart from here for long. We were impressed with the sweet wind, crowded streets , great people sitting infront of their houses. From that day on, the days we spend here became more and more ,vocation became equal to Alaçatı :)  at the end, we understood that it’s not about having a vacation , it’s about becoming a settler, and create a tranquil ambient  for people like us who escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We took over the hotel from Haydar Yiğit and started working. After an intensive renovation period we are ready to receive you as our guests.

If you want to live Alaçatı like we do, you are kindly invited to our home cause we don’t see here as hotel.

We are eager to help you spend wonderful vacation and have unforgetable memories. See you.

Koray Özlem Yükseloğlu


Leylak Hotel Alaçatı Çeşme